Space Monkeys and New Songs…

17 Aug

A gap, a gap tis true! Time zipped and I have not been blogging with any frequency this past year. In all honesty it was a challenging year health-wise with a massive flare-up of endometriosis (it’s become quite the buzzword in the media as of late but it should after so many years of dormancy and being such a prevelant, debilitating and under-researched disease affecting 10% of the female population worldwide!) that delayed many projects and made it difficult to adjust to this next chapter.

Here’s a live solo version of one of my new songs. It’ll be on the upcoming album currently in the works. Yes, I’m rather distracted due to an adorable chipmunk running around me wanting peanuts.

We’re also aiming to take the “Chanson-O-Gramme: Beloved Object” project to a few more corners of the world.

Oh, and why the monkey reference? I did some guest voice over work as a Space Monkey in a educational kids cartoon this month. We’ll let you know when it airs! C’est adorable!

Winds of Wichita!

3 Apr

KMFHIn addition to March being Endometriosis Awareness Month, it took Lederhosen Lucil and I to the wind capital of the world Wichita, Kansas where we encountered artists and art deco theatres and home made root beer and spent most of the 11 days researching, writing and mounting an ambitious project “Chanson-O-Grammes: Beloved Object Edition.”

Lucil performed at the WAM to the delight of children ages 3-4 as well as teachers and curious staff. Thanks to Hayley Holt and Courtney Spousta for making this delightful “fruit centric” musical appearance happen!


Bewixt Lucil appearances Krista composed 7 odes to perform at the Final Friday presentation on March 25th. You can find videos of the event on our youtube channel.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 12.53.58 AM

Chanson-O-Grammes 2016!

18 Jan



Happy 2016 friends far and wide! I’ve been working on a new body of work but it’s that time of year where, for a limited time only, I invite friends/fans to order a custom love song written, performed and recorded by me and delivered to you before Feb 14th! Only 10 commissions accepted this year. We’ve also change the payment from a fixed amount to “Pay What It’s Worth.” All profits from this ambitious project will be put towards making my next project come to life. So…inquire for details today at: hose *at* lederhosenlucil *dot* com if you like! Here are some past “COG’s“.

Last year the orders filled up fast. Deadline is February 1st, 2016 so email us today!

Yes! It’s a brand new year and I haven’t yet phased out this blog! Soon…so enjoy possible this last installation. My official sites are linked but you can visit either or to get there. I provided the graphics/design and my friend Ivo put together the site from the programmer perspective. Many thanks to him!

April brings a Toronto Residency, Live Performances and Lullaby Workshop!

19 Apr

Thus far April has been a very fruitful month! Working on new songs, recording the Lullaby Project, performing in independent local cafés and bistros and guest appearing at both shows and soon the Regent Park School of Music. Olé! Here’s a picture from the Blackbird Bistro show last night.

Coming up this weekend I’ll be appearing on a song or two with Friendly Rich at Toronto’s newest live venue/restaurant Burdock as well as performing a very special Salon Spectacle & Tea Party (private show – maximum capacity 30 including children so reserve your ticket to avoid disappointment! I’ll be making home made chocolate, lemon squares and watercress/cucumber sandwiches along w. a choice of black, green or herbal tea.


March, April, May! SPRING!

19 Mar

Spring is almost spronging after a long, long, LONG winter season. It was great for hermit’ing away writing and arranging love songs and lullabies and making home made chocolate bars and sinking into “Veronica Mars” but NOW it’s time for our hypo records artists to get back out in the real analog world and play for you! Here are a few exciting upcoming events for you to enjoy:

MARCH 25 – Oboro Gallery – Montreal
2nd Annual Lou Reed Memorial Sing-A-Long
7:00pm sharp / Contribution Volontaire
CKUT Fundraiser / Tea, snacks and sing-a-long sheets provided
Krista Muir is one of the invited pianists and will be playing “Who Loves The Sun” (and 2 others) on the “Pianorignal” 9-foot grand moose sculpture. Seriously. Come sing with us!

APRIL 5, 12, 19, 26 – Belljar Cafe – Toronto
4:00-5:00pm sharp / PWYC
Every Sunday in April Krista will be serenading the Belljar Café with new works. Come by for a cup of tea, snack and a spark of light via Krista’s ukulele chansons. This is an all ages weekly residency.

MAY 2 – Sarah Brodie & Associates – Burlington
Ici on chante l’amour: Lullaby Workshop
2:00-3:15pm sharp / $25
Join Krista Muir in unlocking the universal themes lullabies follow: hopes, fears and loving wishes. Bring your voice and a ukulele if you have one. Use this workshop to explore your musicality through vocal warm-ups, harmonizing and echo-singing. Playful and illuminating you’ll leave with a
pocketful of lullabies to serenade yourself and your loved ones.

MAY 16-31 – Guten Tag Gemini! Tour de France
Lederhosen Lucil & Krista Muir team up to perform their latest album “Guten Tag Gemini!” at the Indélébile Festival in Toulouse, France as well as dates in Pau, Auch et ailleurs. Check our website for listings and updates. Elles sont excité de retourner en France apres 3 ans! OUI!


Krista ended up recording the 2015 custom love songs at “The Vibe Recording” studio in Fort Myers, Florida. Legend has it (well, the website has it actually) that Donna Summers recorded there. Some happy clients gave us permission to post their dedications for you to enjoy. Click here to hear!


Soon(ish!) this blog will be absorbed into our new website “hypo records”. Take some time to click around and let us know your thoughts. You’ll now notice a floating pineapple. Click on it! It’s a portal to recipes from the road and other oddities.

We will be switching over to a new mailing list system in the coming week/s as well so if you’ve been on our “lucillist” you’ll be receiving an email in the near future about “re-joining” the hypo records mailing list. If you’d like to continue to hear from us please join. And if you have any issues with this process please report them to hose *at* lederhosenlucil *dot* com. We appreciate your feedback and support!

December Digest – New Website on the horizon – December 21st Show – Holiday Offerings

15 Dec

Well, it’s finally happening! I’m excited to announce that after many years of wanting to give my official Lederhosen Lucil site / this blog a uniform look, it’s finally going forward. With design and content by yours truly and programming by Ivo Kurvits. We aim to be live this week – as early as Tuesday as late as Friday. I’ll be sending out a mailing list announcement as well so if you’re already connected you’ll be amongst the first to know!

This Sunday, December 21st Lederhosen Lucil will be appearing along with Weeping Tile (Sarah Harmer), Deck The Halls and other local Kingston acts to help raise money for those in need. Details are HERE! We’ll have our music for sale and vintage wrapping paper to make your limited edition CDs, 7″ Vinyl singles and “Joy of Hosen” books ready to offer. ALSO, back by popular demand are the video and MP3 dedications (choose either Lederhosen Lucil or myself!). More info at our indie music store.

PopMontreal 2014 – Happy 13th Birthday!

25 Sep

I’m finally coming up for air post Pop Montreal 2014. It was a brilliant 5-days starting with attending the Steve Albini Sound Recording Workshop Sept 17th at Hotel 2 Tango (Howard Bilerman) – learned some mic’ing tricks for future live-off-the-floor sessions. Such a rare treat. Took in the Sun Kil Moon show that eve at Ukrainian Federation.

Sept 18th:Headed down for lunch at the SAT Foodlab (Michelle Marek) with culinary tips and stories by Steve Albini. He cooked a three dish meal (typical of what he cooks for his wife Heather) – complex greens, broccoli farroto (risotto but with a different grain) and anglet steak.

Sept 19th: Ronnie Spektor at The Rialto was the highlight of the festival for me. She told her life story through songs, stories, images and archival footage. It was beautiful, terrifying, inspiring…ultimately cathartic. What a strong and amazing woman.

Sept 20th: Lederhosen Lucil rocked KidsPop during the day and I caught A Montreal Paul outside “Death Of Vinyl” shop.

Much later on I caught JJFad at 2am with DJ Kid Koala in tow. I remember having the cassette tape “JJFad – Not Just a Fad” with “We In Tha Haus” on it. Only had to wait 24 years to see them in person! Their smiles lit up the night.


Sept 21th: Was part of the ELANMontreal Formula” panel at Pop Symposium. MtlFormula Pow wow’ed about the Montreal synergy, poutine, hustle, making art, making a living etc. along with Albert Nerenberg, Murray Lightburn, and JC Little. JCLittle_sketchnote_TheMontrealFormula1000 That night I finally got to see “The Adam Brown” at Metropolis and they were SO GOOOOD! Jetted off to catch “Shonen Knife” at Divan Orange and danced until I nearly gave myself whiplash. My all girl band “Wild Girl Soup” used to do a cover of “Flying Jelly Attack” and when they started it up the bass line pretty much brought tears of joy to my eyes. Only had to wait 20 years to see them play!