Festival Solitare, Ukulele Bizarro and Paris Opening!

27 Apr

Nouvelle installation par "Daily Tous Les Jours"

Strange schizophrenic weather is upon us in Montreal but the grass is slowly getting greener and many of us stubbornly bike even on those odd days when down-filled hooded parkas are more likely than bright green raincoats. While I’ve been engrossed in writing my first “Operetta” for beloved media arts collective Daily Tous Les Jours, a few other exciting events have cropped up that I’m also taking part in this spring/summer!

May 18-20th – The Inaugural “One Man Band Festival / Festival de Musique Solitaire” in Montreal. The opening night – May 18th – is at Divan Orange and features solo artists such as Bloodshot Bill, Mike O’Brian and Cocobeurre. My alter ego Lederhosen Lucil emerges from the pantry to perform at Casa del Popolo May 19th with Wax Mannequin, Scott Dunbar and more. Also featured during the weekend – looping workshops, the art of solo touring (light and easy!) and a closing party May 20th at l’Envers featuring Jesse Dangerously and the founder of the festival Jon Cohen.

June 21st – “Joue le Jeu” opens to the public at Gaité Lyrique in Paris, France! I’ll be there to celebrate the opening of my first mini “Operette” – commissioned by Montreal Media Arts group “Daily Tous Les Jours” that is a part of this group show. Come celebrate the opening with us!

July 14th – Mini Ukulele Festival hosted by the Ukulele Club de Montreal. I’ll be performing at Sala Rossa as part of this uke-centric event along with James Hill and other special guests. More details to come.

July 28th – PopMtl & YelpHelps Event at Les Deux Gamins. A way of bringing together Yelpers (I’ve been writing reviews for them as of late…I’ve always enjoyed supporting local businesses) and eight non-profit organizations that are seeking new volunteers. I’ll be programming the entertainment at this party – a “Ukulele Bizarro” pop up show!

Before I headed down to Austin for SXSW I gave a “dress rehearsal” show with new material at Casa del Popolo. Here I am performing “Les Filles de Campagne” (by La Bolduc):

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