KidsPOP! On the horizon…

At least once a year we like to release electro pop 1-frau sensation Lederhosen Lucil from the pantry. 2019 brings LL back to the Pop Montréal festival for a mini set at 14h (2:00pm!) sharrrp for kids of all ages. FREE! Piccolo Rialto. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 29th! She’ll most likely be sporting her Harvesthosen and will spiel both alt und neue tunes! Let’s HOSE!

RADIO ON! It’s time to support CFRC!

RadioONI love CFRC radio! Growing up in Kingston, Ontario we youth tuned in day and night to hear its’ alternative programming – discovering tons of new bands in the process. My first band (Wild Girl Soup!) was aired on this station in the early 90’s and it was such a thrill to be interviewed and meet some of the staff and volunteers and well..LONG LIVE CFRC! I’m heading to Kingston Friday, September 13th to play at their fundraiser event RADIO ON! featuring delicious food, drinks, and a silent auction in addition to hearing local talent Rae Corcoran and myself on psych folk mountain songs. See you there! Doors at 7pm. I hit the stage at 7:30pm. Limited tickets available so get em while they are still avail!! CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS



It happened! We premiered The Krista Muir Show in Toronto this past week! It was…


Pink light night!

an all ages musical-variety show running just under 60 minute and jam-packed with harmonious tunes, waving hands like clouds, singing, clapping, knot tying, dancing, giggling and screaming like banshees. One lucky winner took home a small cloud + fern – the final draw! Here are a few pics featuring Krista singing, folks learning to tie the “Lover’s Knot” (a relatively useless but fun knot), duet with a cloud, the hypo records “Micro-E-Coat-nomy” and new small batch scrunchies (with digital download) on offer at the Krista Store. DIY forever! (Pics courtesy of Shawna Caspi) ❤