See you in September!

28 Aug JHUI2014

It has been a truly bittersweet summer for us here at hypo records. Due to the endo’dimitriosis monster I was only able to perform two Gemini shows in June before having to cancel the remaining dates for the summer. It was a difficult pill to swallow as “we” have yet to fully tour our latest album “Guten Tag Gemini.”

In July we lost a dear friend, fan and fellow arts advocate/journalist Ange-Aimee Woods to heart failure. Krista performed one of her favorites at the memorial “No Matter How Far” – echoing Tshala Muana’s words “We sing everything. We have nothing else.” A memorial bursary for journalism students has been created in her honor. If you would like to read more about Ange-Aimee’s work or to contribute you can do so here. She rocked every Lederhosen Lucil show she came to and was consulting on our upcoming tv series that we will be shooting a “sizzle reel” for in October.
In August I graduated from Level 1 JHUI (James Hill Ukulele Institute!) and am pursuing the second level in music pedagogy using ukulele as a teaching tool. Music is a brilliant way to connect people and I’ll be incorporating that into the upcoming tv series as well as in-person workshops. And happily, Lederhosen Lucil is coming out of the pantry to entertain KidsPop this fall! She will be rocking PopMontreal (Free outdoors KidsPop stage!) on September 20th in Montreal.

See you soon!

April showers bring songs and flowers!

22 Apr

ImagePrivate ukulelclasses have just wrapped up for the season and I’m getting ready for a creative sabbatical that includes researching and writing a bizarre new tv series. More about that later…for now, Lederhosen Lucil is getting ready to host the EXPOZINE AWARDS in montreal Thursday, April 24th at Divan Orange. Later on in the summer I’ll be traveling to Europe to perform at the PRAGUE UKULELE FESTIVAL and will be booking some other special Euro tour dates. Paris – Berlin – Hamburg – Liege – who knows where my travels will take me?! Well, when I do they will be posted here and at Lederhosen Lucil’s site


Krista sings “Sunnyside Up” at Club Balattou!

27 Feb

Montreal photographer Chloe Laetitia captured a great moment during Krista’s performance at Club Balattou February 6th. She had a wunderbar night performing along with André Daneau and Xania & The Potholes. Click on the photo to hear her recent “Chanson-O-Gramme” project.


Chanson-O-Gramme’s are back in 2014!

22 Jan

Chanson-O-Gramme's are back in 2014!

We couldn’t resist! After the success of last years custom written songs en francais et in english that were digitally delivered world-wide to beloved partners, friends, husbands, girlfriends, and wives “Chanson-O-Gramme’s” are back. Simply email Krista at the address provided and she will give you the instructions on how to order yours today!

In other news Krista & Lucil released a new album in November 2013 called “Guten Tag Gemini” (check out bandcamp to stream) as well as the official “Chicken On Clark” music video shot and edited in October 2013 in Montreal. We are hoping to see it in some upcoming bicycle film festivals…JA!


CBC Song of the Summer!

9 Aug

CBC Song of the Summer!

It’s time to vote for the CBC Song of the Summer! My song “Between Atoms Le Pierre Crube Remix” is long-listed for the prize so please scroll down and vote for me!

In other news I’ve been hermitting away at the Haunted Hallways studio in Montreal as “Guten Tag, Gemini!” is taking shape and will be released in October 2013. This now 15-track album spans garage, pop, hip hop and a few suprises and includes a duet Lederhosen Lucil and I sing about women’s hockey called “Skate For Their Lives.” We can’t WAIT to release it!!!

We are also seeking out a director/producer for a video for “Chicken On Clark.” It is an epic bicycle concept so a cyclist director would be ideal! Email us with your suggestions and links to their work. 

Upcoming events in August:  August 20th Krista and her Terrific Tenor appear at the Cameron House. August 22nd “The Pet Shop Girls” DJ night at The Unloveble (Krista and Mar Sellars’ tribute night to the PSB).

Vintage Lucil continues as we write our new record!

4 Jun

It’s our month! The perfect one during which to work on Lederhosen Lucil and my first ‘collaboration’ entitled “Guten tag, Gemini!” – ha ha! Surreal, silly and beautiful it shall be. We are busy writing, re-writing, recording, deliberating…all those things that go into making a DIY album. At the same time I’ve been going through dusty old boxes and sleeves of unmarked CDRs and came across this vintage Lucil live at Clyde’s (Pointe-Claire, Quebec) video. Friend and local legend Bloodshot Bill shared the night and you can see him rocking out in the video – such FUN was had!

And there’s more to come…till then, I leave you with this:

You can pre-order your copy of “Guten tag, Gemini!” here.

“Guten tag, Gemini!”

20 May

It’s been two years since I released the album “Between Atoms” and I have a new project that I’d like to record this summer and release in September 2013! It’s a Lederhosen Lucil/Krista Muir album called “Guten tag, Gemini!” and I’m raising funds to make it happen via friends, fans and family. Click HERE to find out more about the project and how you can become one of my patron saints. 


Two new Krista songs to hear! 



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